Venetian Plaster Installation

Renaissance Wall Finishes
Venetian Plaster Installation provided worldwide by Renaissance Wall Finishes imported exclusively from Italy.
Imported exclusively from the Vento region of Italy
We use only genuine Venetian Plaster made in Italy

100% Natural Products
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Renaissance Wall Finishes
At Renaissance Wall Finishes we specialize in the exclusive importation of authentic Venetian Plaster directly from Italy. Most importantly our Venetian Plaster is a "Green" product and environmentally safe. Our natural Venetian Plaster is of a superior quality available. It contains no synthetic components, acrylic resins, or solvents. Only natural materials are used for that Old World finish. Renaissance Wall Finishes provides a varied line of Venetian Plaster wall finishes, from the high gloss finish of the Grassello Lucido to the more subtle stone-like finishes of the classic Marmorinos. One very special Venetian Plaster in our line of products is the Madreperlato Venetian. It contains finely ground mother of pearl shells that imparts a truly unique finish and completely environmentally safe. Please browse through our Gallery to see examples of all our products and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us.

At Renaissance Wall Finishes we have an array of standard colors to choose from. Need to match a fabric, tile, or any other color scheme? No problem. Because our Venetian Plaster is a "Green" product and environmentally safe, it is easy to work with to produce any color you would like us to match. Renaissance Wall Finishes will work with you on your choice of color. Application of Renaissance Wall Finishes’ Venetian Plaster goes on smoothly with less resistance than other Venetian Plasters. A unique aspect for one of our Venetian Plaster is the ability to stop mid wall, return later and pick up without leaving a tell tale line. The drying time allows one to work at any pace, unlike other Venetian Plasters that afford a very limited window of drying time before burnishing. It saves time as well as the wear and tear.

Renaissance Wall Finishes was borne out of John’s All Phases Drywall of Newport Beach, California. John Trenfield has been in the drywall business for over 30 years and has been doing wall finishes much of that time. Renaissance Wall Finishes is tied to a successful business with a long history of interior finishes. John and his crew of experienced craftsmen have been applying Venetian Plaster for a combined 15 years.

Let Renaissance Wall Finishes handle your Venetian Plaster needs, supply or application, to make your home or business a true work of art. Contact Renaissance Wall Finishes today for a consultation and information.

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